04/08/23  V3.41

- Minor fix for control center and bite point menu

- Now when using 0% or 100% bite point, both left and right clutch act symmetrically

20/04/23  V3.40

- Inprovements for Control Center, when calibrating shifters and clutch

07/04/23  V3.36

- Fixed a problem in which while fully on the clutch, shifter was sometimes not responding

06/04/23  V3.35

- Minor fixes

04/04/23  V3.34

- Improvements for clutch and shifter calibration

31/03/23  V3.33

- Internal improvements

28/03/23  V3.31

- New LED feedback when calibrating shifters and clutch

- Just 3 calibrations of each (shifter and clutch) possible for each steering wheel restart

25/02/23  V3.3

- Internal fixes on shifters and clutch

20/11/22  V3.2

- New joystick

- New hall shifters, with new shifter calibration

- Manual has been updated