04/08/23  V1.22

- Minor fixes

- When using a bite point of 0% or 100%, both left and right clutch paddles will act symmetically

- Further improvements on USB communication when using the bite point menu

07/04/23  V1.20

- Improvements on USB communication with control center

31/03/23  V1.13

- Internal improvements

28/03/23  V1.11

- Both shifter and clutch calibrations are limited to a number of 3 calibrations.

- New LED feedback when calibrating the shifters and the clutch.

25/02/23  V1.10

- Minor fix on shifters response

05/12/22  V1.02

- Minor fix for control center

25/11/22  V1.01

- Update on clutch and shifter calibration procedure.

- Manual has been updated

19/11/22  V1.00

- Base of new Arnage wheel